Have you ever just beed?

I would like to add a new word, not that there aren't enough in the english language, but I kinda like this one a lot:
beed (verb, past tense)- The past tense of the verb be, ie. right now I can just be, but when i look back then i beed. Note, nothing to do with being stung by a bee, or the thing you thread onto something.
Ok that definition was definitely inadequate so let me try and define it a bit better. I was walking around campus and was most definitely in my happy place (Partly due to it being campus, but many many other reasons) and I was thinking, sometimes it is nice to just be. It is most definitely a mental state of being and not something that can be forced onto a person- you have to just experience it. So there I was waltzing around campus (In my head, the waltzing that is) and I was content and I just beed. It is past tense cause I am not beeding now as I am trying to to describe the state. The post is is probably more about the state of just just be but that is neither here nor there.
There is also a difference, although I can't quite put my finger on it between the just being and being in a state of be. I can say that I can just be and it has a definite end to it, whereas being is indefinite and already has the past tense of was. In my head that makes a lot more sense right now.
Anyway, more about beed or having been in a state of be. To completely describe how I got to that point would mean telling you every detail of the last few weeks which in turn means telling you most of the story of my life which would take as long as tell as it took to take place (happen). I have thus decided that it is a better idea to condense and simplify and so on. Some of you might remember a post called emotional blank (