Emotional Blank

Have you ever been feeling a certain way and it just feels like there are no words to adequately describe the feeling. It is almost like the words do not exist. Sure there are normal words like love, sad, happy, depressed and so on but sometimes, like right now I either don't know the words.I'm going to describing the feeling a shot and if you can think of a word to sum it all up, let me know. It is somewhere between optimistic and scared, very proud and slightly overwhelmed, happy with a tiny hint of regret as well as love but definitely not the usual kind if ever there was such a thing. The feeling also includes a grin with a positive sigh.Hmm, I might be asking for the impossible with that description and by getting the right word that could possible define my current state of being which is a little scary. Oh and never ask me to explain why i feel this way as the only way to explain it would be put you in my shoes for the last 20 odd years.Be Peaceful