Do Something Exceptional

Sometimes the world is a scary place. The easy option is to sit and watch other people being exceptional. This gives you the satisfaction of watching somebody else being exceptional, but that fades quickly. The problem is that youtube/netflix/modern internet gives us unlimited access to watching other people being exceptional. We can essentially have a constant high just by watching other people doing amazing things.

The scary part is that now we no longer want to do something exceptional ourselves.

Slight side note: The very action of putting it on youtube might in itself be destroying the exceptionality work. Maybe the best way of showing off what you've done is by sitting down with somebody and chatting to them, forming a connection and showing you're a normal human, just like them who also happens to have done something exceptional. Side note done.

Anyway, the point of this is that I have to believe that every single person has something exceptional in them and that their life has meaning. The alternative is too sad to contemplate. Once we accept the premise that everybody has that something in them, the question is quite simply, how do we unlock it. I think we can all agree that if everybody was not just living up to their potential, but far exceeding it, then the world would be a much better place.

And I think the side note might actually be the solution. When we watch somebody do something amazing we have no idea what they went through to get to that point, but if we share what we've done and make a connection with somebody, then hopefully they can see that the person in front of them is just like them and that they too can do something exceptional.

Be Exceptional.