What is the point of doing things on dates that you'll only ever do on dates. Real life is not a series of dates, it is doing laundry together, doing the dishes, cleaning the house. Ok, I've spent the whole weekend cleaning so that is all that is on my mind, but I think you get the point.

I've recently grown quite fond of going to IKEA with people and think I could make quite a strong argument for why it is a very good dating spot. You learn so much about somebody, firstly for simply suggesting it, then to see if the actually turn up (Although keeping it a secret might be a better option) and then you actually get to know a person and why they like very fluffy white cushions, or not like death-star like lamp shades. Anyway, even if it is a total bust you go to IKEA for an evening which is the best time to go and maybe you get to know somebody in a very unique and possibly very practical way.

How about making dates more representative of real life- ask somebody to wait in a queue with you, apply for a new passport together. In short, making dating more like real life as that is the point at the end of the day is it not- you want to spend you life with the person, so do things that are representative of real life.

Be Dating