Bubbling Over

Ever got that feeling that you can't take it anymore, not in a suicidal way at all, but in a fullness and extreme happiness type of way?Wow, what a way to start a post with suicidal right in there, let's try get back on track. So a bunch of stuff has happened and I'm left lying here with this feeling that is kinda like bubbling over. I did say that I was about to pop but then i decided that that might be bad for my health and here i am now trying to blog about it and thus no longer popping by the end of this.Anyway, so how I got to this point is a long awesome story not suitable for a blog, however I will say that is has caused some very interesting and different feelings and this is what I am trying and I feel failing miserably at describing. That being said there is this amazing peace that is kinda just soothing to the soul, sort of like an iron being taken to a particularly scrunched up shirt. I would assume as i haven't really ironed much in my life, but it seems about right. So now with your smoothed out soul (Wow, very airy fairy) it feels like somebody keeps on adding layer after layer after layer and the pack so closely together and fit closely and there is no space for anything but the layers just keep coming and coming.At one point I tried to go back and check out that first layer, mainly to check that it was still there, but also that it wasn't suffocating under all the new layers and you want to know what I found? There is was, smoother than ever and not just that, it was supporting all the other layers. It was the foundation of everything and everything has become the most beautiful huge big home- the type that is never fully built and just keeps on having rooms added on and new parts built.Ok, so I got a bit carried away there with my similes, hopefully you followed, but this is really really hard to describe and this is naturally compounded by the fact that I don't quite know exactly what is going on in the first place, except from the simile above, it would seem my soul is smooth and calm and the foundation for something awesome, which i have no hope of defining.Be Bubbly