Broomed Death Results in Tug of War

So there we were, in Namibia on a glorious summer evening chilling outside. The eating had been concluded and there was a rather intense discussion going on but that is not the subject of this post.
The man of the house suddenly noticed that the dog was barking a specific way. I was clueless, the dog had been barking a lot and hence it had been tuned out. So the dog had alerted the man of the house to the fact that there was a snake present. Snake you say... Ooo, I'm interested but by no means a fan.
Now there was actions- a broom, torches and we were off to find this trespassing snake, i mean, how dare he. It was very ritual like, everybody running towards it, torches aimed like guns and the broom in the air, ready to strike, as was the snake, although not quite as high in the air.
Now at this point I was impressed with the dog- it somehow knew that the snake had a sharp end and was keeping just far enough away to keep the snake ready to attack but not close enough for it to reach. Anyway, there we were, a whole bunch of torches pointed at the snake and the man with the broom heading into the danger zone to help the dog out. If you are against the killing of snakes then I strongly urge you to find another blog to read right now.
Once again I was impressed by the dog- the broom came down and naturally the snake was like what just hit me, i should check it out and the dog was like- score, the sharp end isn't looking at me anymore. Bam, dog grabs snake by the blunt end (Where is the tail of a snake, it is like one big tail if you ask me). This is the point where the dog's instincts kicked in and started to run and shake his head violently, I don't mean a little head bop or something, it was like he was in a techno dance club and completely having a fit from an overdose and dancing it out, I would assume.
So now the dog is reversing, the snake is drawn out and must have been super confused after being hit by a broom and then being pulled and shaken all over the place. Anyway the broom kept on hitting and the dog kept on shaking- all was going well until the dog's shaking moved him into the broom's path and hence the broom hit the dog on the pip. Apparently this must of hurt a bit as the dog subsequently let go of the snake and yelped a bit- Oops. The snake was all shook up luckily and didn't have a chance to raise up the sharp side before the broom had a chance to say sorry to the dog and hit it again. The dog also recovered nice and quickly and once again did a bit of techno dancing with the snake in its mouth.
So with this continuing there were many words of warning being shouted by the torch bearers who still kept their distance (Me included). At around this point the snake was dead, not very dead cause it was still twitching a little but there weren't any more thoughts of the future going through the snake's head.
It is at this point that one of the best mental pictures of my life occurred. I laugh out loud when I just think about it and have decided that the only way to accurately portray this event is to draw it- now i'm no artist so bear with me: