Boo Run

So I run a fair amount and on most days nothing out of the ordinary happens, but the other day somebody said boo.

Hmm, I might need to explain that better. I was running along, minding my own business, earphones in, doing my own thing, running past people. One of these people decided to stick their arm out and shout "Boo!". I wasn't sure how to react, so I decided to ignore it completely, in fact I shook my head a little as I kept on running.

Looking back on the incident I wish I had gone back and asked why they did it, or what kind of reaction they were hoping for. It also crossed my mind that I might know them in which case I'm sorry, but maybe boo isn't the right thing to be shouting when you see somebody you know.

Anyway, in future I think I need a different reaction as I don't think ignoring it is the right thing to do.

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