Whoop Whoop.Before we even get started don't expect much from this post, in fact, don't expect anything at all.So besides having the most awesome blog post name ever in the entire history of naming things what is this all about? You may well ask and let me tell you that sometimes things feel dull and sad and kinda miff, but then for no apparent reason things can turn around and everything looks awesome, kinda like taking the pill in the movie limitless, suddenly everything has colour and everything and anything is possible.So how does one turn that corner? Hmmm, well looking for it certainly doesn't help that is for sure, but otherwise prepare for it. Starting thinking about how cool it will be when it happens and in so you doing might play a cruel trick on your sub-conscience and turn the corner. True story.Now what has happened here is that I have tried to write a semi-serious blog post in a non-serious state of mind. While I'm at it I might as well call this a theory, so it is the turning the corner theory... or it could be renamed later.Be Colouring-In