You know those little victories that you have? Well today I had one. Now I can't tell you what it is cause that is not what this is about. This post is about the things we do that mean a lot to us in our head and nobody else would ever comprehend the scale of how much it means to us.
They are those little challenges or problems or whatever that have been bugging you and you have been meaning to fix or complete. It is such a personal thing cause you know that to anybody else it wouldn't mean anything or it wouldn't be something that bugs them but to you, oh boy, it is a BIG deal.
Suddenly it is done and you're left thinking wow, Í did that with a lot of emphasis on the I. Now there is most certainly some higher power that helped you out but the point is that no other human being had any effect on the victory, unless your goal was murdering someone who did you wrong in which case I think you need help and possibly a lawyer.
Anyway, here I sit in the euphoria of completing my own little personal goal and nobody can take it away from me. Sure other people may have done it before and other will still do it, but for now, with the endorphins pulsating through me I can honestly say I don't care.
Be Victorious